Benefits of Round Tables

Choosing the right commercial furniture is a crucial element of any business. When it comes to finding the right restaurant tables, there are many factors to consider from size and material to affordability and style. For those wondering which shape is best for their restaurant, we have compiled some of the more common benefits of round tables to help narrow down the decision.

1. One of the best benefits of round tables is that they are great for smaller spaces! While a round table will typically take up less space compared to other shapes, it also creates an appearance of increased space for a more open floor plan allowing you to add more tables or create a certain atmosphere with the open space.

2. There are no sharp edges. While square shaped tables have edges, round tables are free from hard edges. Restaurants serving a lot of families with small children will appreciate this design element because sharp corners or edges pose a threat to children bumping into them on accident. Children are known to hit their heads on tables. In fact, the Center for Disease Control reports that every year 1.7 million people suffer from head injuries and children under the age of 14 make up well over 500,000 of those injuries annually. A rounded table without sharp corners is less dangerous for younger guests.

3. Round tables encourage intimacy and conversation. One of the best benefits of round tables is all the guests seated at the table can easily see one another unlike at square tables where you often only see the people seated across from you. The increased visibility and ability to hear each other better leads to a more intimate, conversational dining experience.

4. Another one of the benefits of round tables is the increased ease of access for diners. In addition to the ease of communication round tables offer, they help create a more communal experience where diners can share dishes and compare each other’s dinner choices like in a home setting. Round tables are an easy way to create a cozy dining environment for your customers.

5. Aside from the customer’s perspective, round tables can have an effect on restaurant staff, as well. Round tables make it easier for wait staff to see the customers. With square and rectangular tables, depending on your dining area layout, there may be times where the waiter has to continually reposition himself to take the different orders at the table. A round table allows for more visibility to take customer orders with less maneuvering.